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August Meeting Recap

Hello curlers,

Our last board meeting was help on 8/13, via Zoom. We opened with discussion of the summer league. We had board members who participated in the summer league, and they were pleased to inform us that everything seemed to go well. We appreciate everyone adhering to the new rules and adjustments that were set. We heard that those adjustments were easy enough to adapt to and them our league curlers were still having a good time. Those are positive results that we can build off of moving towards fall leagues.

Speaking of fall leagues, we started some planning for those. Right now, we are looking at two 11-week leagues, like we have done in the past (a Thursday Night league and a Sunday Afternoon League). These leagues would most likely start on 10/1 and 10/4.  These leagues may be conducted at reduced capacity like summer league was, for safety reasons. Specifically, we were looking at using four sheets (32 curlers per league), up from the three sheet limitation used in summer league. In this scenario, we would most likely keep sheet C open every week to ensure than every game has a clear, unused space along one side of their sheet for social distancing (either part of sheet C if using B or D, or the ice against the sideboards if using A or E). Other rule adjustments used in summer league would most likely carry over into the fall league. Additional information will be provided as we open up registration for fall leagues. 

In our financial update, it was stated that the club has about $151,000 in the bank; however, payment still needs to be made for the summer ice. The switch to SportsEngine has been successful in making sure we collect all league fees that are due, and that has been good for our financial position. 

With respect to dedicated ice, we are looking into whether or not USCA/WCF will allow a new ice plant to be used as the collateral for a facility loan. This would improve our financial situation and planning. 

Finally, the board feels has decided to keep the club closed to learn-to-curls and private events for the time being. If COVID cases begin dropping and the outlook improves, we hope to resume such events as they are important to sustaining and growing the club.

Our next meeting is scheduled for 9/10 @ 7:30 via Zoom. Please let us know if you are interested in joining.

Justin Donaldson

Club President   

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